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Risebowl is helping more and more home-chefs to start their online food business without a worry on managing a restaurant.

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About Risebowl

A leading Home-Cooked meals platform in Malaysia.

People are more prefer and love home cooked food, but just don’t have the time or passion. But there are fabulous and talented home-chef right in your neighborhood who have the skill or passion for creating an exciting meal. Risebowl is the network that connects these amazing cooks with diners seeking to eat better.

Our Vision

Empowering Home Cooks

We believe that virtual kichens will be transform the ordinary way of traditional food and beverages business in future.


Great Experience

We are confident you will enjoy every step of your experience with Risebowl and fill up your tummies with delicious, authentic home cooked meals.


Powerful Features As Always

Fast Register

Sign up with social account or mobile number.

Secure Payment

Leading online payment collection solutions.

Variety of foods

A place of food you will never get bored.

Push Notifications

Never miss an order and let your follower waiting.

Review Trustworthy

Customer reviews are invaluable

User Experience

Easy to search and navigate

Our Believes

Eat wholesome. Eat better.

People are always looking for better food options, and yearning for authentic homemade dishes. These skills and techniques, which have been handed down from generation to generation.

Sharing Joy

Enjoy community through food

Connecting Community

Real people. Authentic passion

Cultivating Opportunity

Empowering Home Cooks


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Risebowl?

Risebowl is an online Home-Cooked meal sharing platform that connects all talented home-chefs to start selling their own cooked food.

How do I order from Risebowl?

You will just need to download and install our mobile app. Register and verify yourself so you can start ordering food from our talented home-chefs.

Who will deliver my order?

There will be a delivery partner or the home-chef himself deliver the food for you.

How to track my order?

There will be a live location tracking available in app so you will just sit back waiting your meal come to your doorstep.

What is the requirement register as home-chef in Risebowl?

All you need to start selling is to register a business (SSM) and have a varification cert from a vaccination against typhoid fever.

How to I pay for my order?

You will need to top up your e-wallet and use the wallet balance for checkout.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your deliveries minimum one day in advance. To cancel your order, you will need submit a cancel order request in app and wait for approval from the home-chef.

How do I get paid?

All the transaction will direct transfer into your e-wallet, you can use the e-wallet balance to order food or request cash-out to your register bank account.

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Coming Soon stay tune.

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